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GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing Courses

Want to become GIS Analyst, GIS Technician or add value to job profile in the field like Urban Planning, Environment, Geology, Forestry, Agriculture, Mining then its for you.

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GIS Programming

Want to become GIS Developer, GIS Programmer or add value to job profile with skills like ArcPy, ArcGIS Server, GeoServer, LeafLet, OpenLayers then its for you.

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Land Surveying

Want to become Land Surveyor, Aerial Surveyor or add value to job profile with skills like Total Station Surveying, DGPS, Drone Surveying then its for you.

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LiDAR Courses

Want to become LiDAR, Photogrammetry Technician or add value to job profile with skills like Aerial Triangulation, Point Cloud Classification then its for you.

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Job Oriented courses are for fresher. Curriculum, software tools and key skills are measured based on the inputs of Khagolam Curriculum Advisory Body (CAB) and role analysis by placement cell. Role Analysis includes classification of minimum 500 job description listed on popular GIS job portals to conclude job skills against job role. These course target specific job role and strengthen job opportunities of participants in geospatial industry.

Value Addition courses are for working professional or beginners, who want add new skills to their profile or uplift their skill to next level. This includes short term courses on software training, surveying instrument training in related domain of geospatial technologies.

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Specialised Institute for Geospatial Technologies

Special Programmes

Volunteer GIS

VolunteerGIS is a platform to synchronise the efforts of academics, research scholars, industry towards social development

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Research & Development

Research and development on Agriculture, Water Resource, Environment, Urban Planning, Land Administration topics.

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Translation of QuantumGIS in Marathi

KIG is translating Quantum GIS open source GIS software in marathi languages.

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About Us

Khagolam Institute of Geoinformatics (KIG, ISO Certified Organization) offers research and training on geospatial technologies for tomorrow's challenges. If you intend to have a rewarding career, then you need to show that you have a competitive edge and that you are better than your nearest competitor. The value of the courses awarded by KIG is an example in itself. The training offered by KIG provides required competitive edge to participants. Khagolam provide training in following fields:

  1. Geographic information System (GIS)
  2. Remote Sensing
  3. Photogrammetry and LiDAR
  4. Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS), Global Position System (GPS)
  5. Advanced Surveying Technologies and Instruments like Total Station, RTK Drones
  6. Application specific Training i.e. GIS and Remote Sensing for Urban Planning, Environment, Agriculture Management, Forestry, Public Health etc.

Training is delivered by professional faculties in online and Offline mode. Course contents aligned regularly with Indian geospatial industry demand to maintain high employability. Real projects datasets used in hands-on exercise, this help to get closer to productivity. Practical and on-site training provided using surveying instruments like Total Station, GNSS, Drone.

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