ERDAS Imagine Training - Information, Fee, Syllabus.

Value Addition Course Offline Online

Duration: 32 hours

ERDAS Imagine Training Information

Course Title: Working with ERDAS Imagine
Duration: 32 hours
Training Modes: Offline/Online/Hybrid | Full-Time/Part-time

ERDAS Imagine Training Eligibility

  • Students of M. Sc or M. Tech in Environmental Science
  • Biologists, geologists, conservationists, and other responsible for managing the environment increasingly rely on Geographic Information System (GIS) to even the odds.

ERDAS Imagine Training Overview

Perform various remote sensing tasks such as data modeling, visualization, geo-referencing, image processing, image classification, visual interpretation and map composition in most popular remote sensing packages like ERDAS.

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Learning Objectives of ERDAS Imagine Training

  1. Describe what is Remote Sensing? Why the data called geo referenced?
  2. Describe how remote sensing has being utilized in real world applications.
  3. Understand the satellite data display
  4. Describe application of various satellite data
  5. Describe various source for data and data acquisition terminologies in Remote Sensing
  6. Understand source of error in data acquisition
  7. Understand the concepts of Photographic system and how it works
  8. Understand the visual interpretation of satellite data
  9. Understand the concepts of digital image processing
  10. Define the image classification and various methods of image classification
  11. Understand the why the satellite assessment report id produce
  12. Understand the concepts of GPS and how it works?
  13. Understand the advance Remote Sensing technologies
  14. Understand the open source and propriety RS software vendors worldwide And GPS Module from IGIS

Upcoming Batches of ERDAS Imagine Training

18-May-24 WeekDays
Kalyan, Mumbai
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