ArcGIS Pro Training - Information, Fee, Syllabus.

Value Addition Course Offline Online

Duration: 40 Hours

ArcGIS Pro Training Information

Course Title: Working with ArcGIS Pro
Duration: 40 Hours
Training Modes: Offline/Online/Hybrid |Full Time/Part-time
Timing: Min 3 hours/day | Max 8 hours/day

ArcGIS Pro Training Eligibility

  • Basic knowledge of windows operating system
  • Understanding of GIS fundamental concepts

ArcGIS Pro Training Overview

ESRI ArcGIS Pro is upgraded GUI of ArcMap and popular tool to perform Geographic Information System (GIS) related task for various application. It combines 2D & 3D mapping and advance visualisation tools. ArcGIS Pro skills are most essential and demanding skills asked in GIS and its application related jobs.

This course teaches from fundamentals of ArcGIS Pro as well as, through hands-on exercises on how to choose template, create project, setup working environment, edit, manage, and analyze mapping spatial data. This includes geodatabase creation, georeferencing, digitization, topology, gis analysis using geoprocessing tools, thematic mapping, symbology, map layout composition.

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Learning Objectives of ArcGIS Pro Training

  1. Create & use appropriate template, create template, create project and setup project working environment to get started with ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Inspect and assign coordinate system to layer, dataset, and map frame, re-projecting the data
  3. Navigate maps & scene, link views, add data to project, create bookmark, find features, explore GIS data, convert 2D maps to 3D scene, import mxd, work with different selection method
  4. Working with geo-spatial data: Web GIS Online layers, base maps, XY point data, satellite images, drone images, DEM, point cloud, CAD datasets
  5. Design and create geodatabase, feature class, feature dataset, table and relationship class
  6. Design and apply different types of geodatabase domains and subtypes, schema management
  7. Perform data engineering tasks, geo-reference raster images, evaluate whether results of geo-referencing error are acceptable and RMS error, Image-to-Image & Point-to-Image method
  8. Perform digitizing, editing in geo-database and other files formats, make use appropriate snapping, QA/QC of data
  9. Create and apply different types of Symbology and annotation
  10. Perform complex geo-processing tools and understand various vector, raster analysis
  11. Using overly tools like buffer, clip, intersect, union, erase for problem solving, creating heat maps
  12. Extract statistics and summarizing the tables for reporting, using field calculators helpers
  13. Data conversion: CAD to GIS, GIS to KML, Geo-Json and vice-versa
  14. Sharing GIS data offline, create project packages, publishing on ArcGIS online, PDF, JPG formats, story maps
  15. Set up a page layout, add the legend, layout elements to include, and appropriate reference scale. Use table frame, graticule grid, reports in map

Softwares taught in ArcGIS Pro Training

  1. ArcGIS Pro

Technologies included in ArcGIS Pro Training

  1. GIS
  2. Web GIS

Upcoming Batches of ArcGIS Pro Training

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