Working with Pix4D

Value Addition Course Classroom Online

Duration: 4 days

Course Overview

Pix4D is a leading software in unmanned aerial system (sUAS or "drone") photogrammetry, building software that enables users to analyze complex image data and create orthomosaics and 3D models, all from photographs. With a drone, a camera, and the powerful processing engine in Pix4D, the science of photogrammetry is accessible to just about anyone.

Course designed for land surveying professionals. This training course will teach you how to process drone surveying data, RTK/PPK and non RTK drone data in Pix4D and produce traditional surveying like contour, volumes, plan table survey map outputs along with DEM, point could.


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What you will learn

Topic covered:
  • Introduction to Photogrammetry
  • Exploring various GIS data file formats in ArcMap and ArcCatalog
  • Coordinate system and data conversion
  • Processing Step 1 Initial Processing, matching calibration, quality report, GCP consideration
  • Processing Step 2 Point Cloud & Mesh
  • Processing Step 3 DSM, Orthomosaic and Index
  • Editing the Point Cloud, Volume Calculations, Scale Constraints and Orthomosaic editing
  • Visualize and manipulate Pix4D output in other surveying software’s tools

Who should attend

  • Basic knowledge of windows operating system
  • Knowledge of GIS, Mapping, GPS and surveying concepts
Who Should Attend
  • Any land surveying professionals