Programming .NET API for AutoCAD

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Duration: 40 hours

Course Overview

Want to get under the hood of the .NET API for AutoCAD? If you wish to customize AutoCAD or develop applications on top of it, Building Add-ins with C# for AutoCAD. This course is designed for developers and experienced users of AutoCAD software who would like to develop applications using the AutoCAD .NET API.

This class provides a detailed outline of the features associated with the AutoCAD .NET API. In addition to technical overviews, this course offers sample C#.NET code and hands-on labs, as well as examples to get you started.


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What you will learn

After completing this class, users will be able to
  • Understand AutoCAD namespaces and .NET API object model diagram
  • Define the DWG database structure
  • Understand the collection objects
  • Define the difference between graphical and non graphical objects
  • Control AutoCAD preferences programmatically
  • Understand DWG database transaction life cycle implement nested transaction
  • Understand the user prompt object relationships
  • User Interface design - WinForms dialogs and AutoCAD palettes
  • Create basic drawing object like: line, text, circle, pline and more
  • Manipulate basic drawing object like: line, text, circle, pline and more
  • Executing AutoCAD inbuilt commands
  • Define the AutoLISP command definition and execute it
  • Work with selection set, selection filtering, pick object from screen, adding, removing and merging objects in selection sets.
  • Define model and paper space
  • Setup layout, plot setting of layouts
  • Working with viewports
  • Plot model and paper space and control plotting styles
  • Understand the event handler in AutoCAD
  • Handle various object events
  • Application deployment and installation

Who should attend

  • Experience with the VB.NET / C#.NET programming languages is required
  • A basic understanding of the "end-user" functionality of AutoCAD is required. Prior experience customizing AutoCAD will added benefits
Who Should Attend
  • Anybody who interested to learn AutoCAD customization with .NET