AutoCAD .NET API Training - Information, Fee, Syllabus.

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Duration: 40 hours

AutoCAD .NET API Training Information

Course Title: Programming .NET API for AutoCAD
Duration: 40 hours
Training Modes: Offline/Online/Hybrid |Full Time/Part-time
Timing: Min 3 hours/day | Max 8 hours/day

AutoCAD .NET API Training Eligibility

  • Experience with the C#.NET programming languages is required
  • A basic understanding of the "end-user" functionality of AutoCAD is required. Prior experience customizing AutoCAD will added benefits

AutoCAD .NET API Training Overview

Want to get under the hood of the .NET API for AutoCAD? If you wish to customize AutoCAD or develop applications on top of it, Building Add-ins with C# for AutoCAD. This course is designed for developers and experienced users of AutoCAD software who would like to develop applications using the AutoCAD .NET API.

This class provides a detailed outline of the features associated with the AutoCAD .NET API. In addition to technical overviews, this course offers sample C#.NET code and hands-on labs, as well as examples to get you started.

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Learning Objectives Of AutoCAD .NET API Training

  1. Understand and use Visual Studio IDE environment, project setup, AutoCAD dll references
  2. Understand AutoCAD namespaces and .NET API object model diagram
  3. Browsing API classes using class model diagram and object explore in visual studio
  4. Exploring and use various help resources, videos and blogs on AutoCAD .NET API
  5. Understand the collection objects, difference between graphical and non-graphical objects
  6. Define custom command, access command line using API, Executing AutoCAD inbuilt commands
  7. Define, access and manipulate the DWG database structure
  8. Control AutoCAD preferences programmatically. Get/Set System Variables
  9. Control the Application Window, Control the Drawing Windows
  10. Create, open, close, lock, unlock drawing using API. Understand batch processing logic
  11. Accessing model space, paper space, layer, text style, dimension style table records
  12. Understand DWG database transaction life cycle implement nested transaction
  13. Understand the user prompt object relationships. Prompt for user inputs, Prompt for selection
  14. User Interface design – Using WinForms dialogs in custom commands
  15. Create basic drawing object like: line, text, circle, pline, blocks, XR and more
  16. Manipulate basic drawing object like: line, text, circle, pline, block, XR and more
  17. Work with selection set, selection filtering, and Pick object from screen, adding, removing and merging objects in selection sets.
  18. Assing and retrieve extended data (Xdata) to object. Using XData to developer smarter apps
  19. Setup layout, plot setting of layouts, Working with viewports
  20. Plot model and paper space and control plotting styles
  21. Understand the event handler in AutoCAD, Handle various object events
  22. Application deployment and installation
  23. Customize AutoCAD Ribbon using API
  24. Application deployment. Register/de-register dlls. Autoload dll in AutoCAD startup.
  25. Batch processing of dwg/dxf using external windows app

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