QPy Training - Information, Fee, Syllabus.

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Duration: 40 Hours

QPy Training Information

Course Title: Programming QGIS with Python
Duration: 40 Hours
Training Modes: Offline/Online/Hybrid |Full Time/Part-time
Timing: Min 3 hours/day | Max 8 hours/day

QPy Training Eligibility

  • Should know basic concepts of GIS
  • Operating knowledge of QGIS Desktop
  • Programming experience not required where as basic knowledge of any python language will add benefit

QPy Training Overview

In this course you will learn how to automate map production and related data management tasks that would be time-consuming and tedious to perform manually. Its teaches you how to work with the mapping module of the PyQGIS to quickly and easily update map layers and map document properties, modify map content, render and print individual maps.

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Topic covered in QPy Training

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Introduction to PyQGIS
  3. Load Vector and Raster Layers
  4. Using Vector Layers
    • Examining features in a layer
    • Creating buffers for editing layers
    • Adding features to a layer
    • Editing features in a layer
    • Deleting features from a layer
    • Adding and removing fields
    • Writing shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON
    • Symbolizing vector layers
  5. Using Geometry operations
    • Creating geometries
    • Geometry operations
  6. Using Raster Layers
  7. Data Projections
  8. Using the Map canvas
  9. Referencing the map canvas
  10. Using map tools with the map canvas
  11. Map Rendering and Printing
  12. Simple renderer
  13. Map composer
  14. Output to raster
  15. Output to PDF
  16. Communicating with the User
  17. Developoing Python Plugins

Softwares taught in QPy Training

  1. QGIS Desktop with Python Window

Technologies included in QPy Training

  1. Python Scripting

Upcoming Batches of QPy Training

20-Apr-24 Weekdays
Kalyan, Mumbai
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