Total Station Training - Information, Fee, Syllabus.

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Duration: 4 Days

Total Station Training Information

Course Title: Advanced Surveying with Total Station
Duration: 4 Days
Training Modes: Offline | Full time
Timing: 11 - 6 PM continues 4 Days

Total Station Training Eligibility

  • Knowledge of surveying and levelling concepts
  • Civil Engineers
  • Diploma Engineers
  • I.T.I. Surveyors
  • 2+ years of surveying industry experiences

Total Station Training Overview

Total Station Surveying is used in all surveying application in India as on today. Total Station is used construction, cadastral surveying, tunnel surveying, alignment surveying for roads, canals to generate L-Section, Cross-Section.

This course teaches you advanced surveying terminology with total station. Concept lecture followed by on-site practical exercise, which helps to gain practical understanding and essential skill sets required for work in surveying industry.

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Objectives of Total Station Training

  1. Define the advantage and disadvantage of Total Station surveying
  2. Define the vertical and horizontal angle measurement mechanism of Total Station instrument.
  3. Understand Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) principles
  4. Define Rectangular vs Polar coordinate system measurements
  5. Define How Total Station works, need of TS orientation.
  6. Define open and close traversing terminology using TS
  7. Define application of survey using TS
  8. Perform topographical survey (plain table and contour survey)
  9. Understand the stakeout concepts
  10. Perform Stake out / Demarcation of Building Layouts / Plot Layouts / Roads / Alignments
  11. Understand the various road survey application and terminologies.
  12. Perform road surveys
  13. Transfer or Establish Benchmarks
  14. Measure remote distance and elevation using special function of TS
  15. Solve trigonometric problems using COGO function on the field / Site
  16. Perform onsite instrument calibration
  17. Calculate 2D, 3D area on the field / Site
  18. Calculate surface volume on the field / Site
  19. Understand the survey work estimation factors
  20. Define the procedure for download and upload data to TS
  21. Define the TS data formats
  22. Produce simple survey map using AutoCAD.

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