GeoServer Course - Information, Fee, Syllabus.

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Duration: 16 hours

GeoServer Course Information

Course Title: Introduction to Geoserver
Duration: 16 hours
Training Modes: Offline/Online/Hybrid |Full Time/Part-time
Timing: Min 3 hours/day | Max 8 hours/day

GeoServer Course Eligibility

  • Should have knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of QGIS
  • Understanding of GIS fundamental concepts

GeoServer Course Overview

This course teaches you how to administrate and publish GIS data with GeoServer, build your custom maps using your own data without the need for costly commercial softwares.

In this class attendees will learn how to load, publish, and share geospatial data with GeoServer. Including navigating the GeoServer user interface, OGC web services, styling data with SLD, connect to backend data such as PostGIS and tile caching with GeoWebCache.

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Objectives of GeoServer Course

  1. Introduction to Geoserver
  2. Understand system requirement and Installation of Geoserver
  3. Creation of Workspace
  4. Creation of DataSource
  5. Creation of Layers
  6. Publishing layers from Shapefiles
  7. Publishing layers from PostGIS Database
  8. Publishing Raster Layers
  9. Creation of Styled Layer Descriptor(SLD), and QGIS GUI
  10. Assignment of Styles to Layers
  11. Apply Labels
  12. Apply Filter
  13. Publish Web Map Service
  14. Publish Web Feature service
  15. Advanced Geoserver Configuration
  16. Caching and Performance
  17. Project work

Softwares taught in GeoServer Course

  1. GeoServer

Technologies included in GeoServer Course

  1. WebGIS

Upcoming Batches of GeoServer Course

20-Apr-24 Weekdays
Kalyan, Mumbai
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