Working with PostGIS

Value Addition Course Classroom Online

Duration: 32 Hours

Course Overview

In this course, attendees will learn how to create spatial databases, load data from a variety of sources into a spatial database, and perform geospatial queries against the data. Basic SQL syntax will be covered.


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What you will learn

After completing this class, users will be able to
  • Installation of PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  • Fundamental of Database & SQL ideas using PostgreSQL
  • Postgresql front-ends (pgAdmin, psql)
  • Geometrics Datatype
  • Creates a Spatial Database
  • Spatial Functions
  • Importing & Exporting of Spatial Data
  • Spatial SQL Query
  • Spatials Index
  • Viewing of Spatials data in QGIS
  • Viewing and editing PostGIS layers in a GIS environment

Who should attend

Who should attend

  • Knowledge of SQL and Any RDBMS
  • Understanding of GIS fundamental concepts
Who Should Attend
  • Web GIS developers who want to develop open source web applications that include GIS services and functionality