Drone Surveying Courses

Learn how to use drones for land surveying with our comprehensive courses. Our drone land surveying courses cover a range of topics, including drone technology, aerial photography, photogrammetry, and data processing.

3 months


Diploma in Drone Surveying and Mapping

Course will take you through GIS concepts and hand-on exercise data transfer, geo-referencing, digitization, GIS analysis. Orientation on traditional surveying technics like total station practically demonstrated. GNSS, DGNSS (GPS, DGPS) concepts with errors and RTK, PPK post processing with hands-on exercise. Aerial surveying fundamental concepts and hands-on exercise on, flight planning, simulation, data downloading, image processing using different photogrammetric software's, point cloud classification, DEM editing, removing noise and much more. Manipulation of data point could data for smooth DEM generation covered in popular surveying software tools.

Drone Surveying & Mapping course best suits for fresher and entrepreneur who want secure job in rapidly developing drone industry or start drone surveying business.

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