Drone Surveying Course - Information, Fee, Syllabus.

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Duration: 5 Days

Drone Surveying Course Information

Course Title: Surveying with RTK Drone
Duration: 5 Days
Training Modes: Offline | Full-time

Drone Surveying Course Eligibility

  • Good knowledge of computers, surveying concepts and instruments
  • Experience in total station and DGPS surveying
Best for:
  • Land surveyors
  • Mapping professionals

Drone Surveying Course Overview

In India Drone are taking over on the traditional surveying methods like total station surveying. Drone Surveying save time and cost of project. Drones are being employ on many application like: Volume or earth work calculation in mining, change detections with LiDAR, Topographic Surveying of Roads, Dams, Bridges, 3D Modelling of archaeological, heritage site / monuments, power grid surveying, forest surveying and change detection, Fishery surveys, Thermals Surveys of Solar panels, to generate high accuracy cadastral maps and many more.

Training will take you through advance aerial surveying concepts with Drone, aerial surveying, GNSS/GPS, Photogrammetry fundamental concepts with hand on exercise on, flight planning, simulation, data downloading, image processing using different photogrammetric software's, exploring output like DEM, DTM, Point Could, Point could editing, removing noise, ortho-photo editing and much more. This Drone Surveying course also covers very important concept and end to end workflow of RTK/PPK drone surveying. Complete field and office procedure explained with practical. You will processing PPK data and apply correction and use corrected / Fix PPK solution data in image processing with photogrammetric software.

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Objectives Of Drone Surveying Course

  1. Understand Drones, History of Drone/UAS/UAVs, drone assembly, Safety, payload, battery life, specs for good results
  2. Explain application of drone for Surveying & Mapping like Construction, Agricultural, Engineering Land Survey and Architecture uses
  3. Know regulations of DGCA and Drone license, registration in India
  4. Perform surveying site flight planning with different app like Drone, Deploy, Pix4D capture, GS RTK App
  5. Executive surveying flight with safety
  6. Know to aerial Photogrammetry, Aerial Triangulation and how it effect accuracy
  7. Post-process data with different app like Drone, Deploy, Pix4D
  8. Consideration for post-processing RTK & PPK flight data
  9. Analyse output data, contouring, DSM and Volumetric Measurement Calculation
  10. Produce traditional topographic map as like Total Station
  11. Know the kind of map/outcome can produce form drone surveying
  12. Understand fundamentals of GNSS RTK & PPK Surveying, Map accuracy: Relative vs. Absolute Accuracy Survey-Grade Accuracy, Factors that Improve Map Accuracy, Techniques of controlling errors
  13. Employ GNSS RTK & PPK technologies in Drone Surveying
  14. Consideration for hardware selections, payload, comparison of surveying drone and its accuracy
  15. Consideration, planning strategies of GCP Check points in vertical and horizontal accuracies
  16. Planning and estimation of drone surveying job
  17. Use D-RTK 2 Mobile Station in Drone RTK Surveying and mapping,
  18. Explain what is NTRIP (Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol), NTRIP for configuring your GNSS base station and utilize own custom RTK network
  19. End to End surveying workflow: RTK Flight & PPK Flight. Field and office procedures with practical exercise on field
  20. Using Survey of India CORS network data for PPK processing
  21. Know general requirement in various government and private drone land surveying tenders

Softwares taught in Drone Surveying Course

  1. DJI Phamtom 4 RTK App
  2. Pix4D
  3. Drone Deploy

Technologies included in Drone Surveying Course

  1. GIS
  3. Land Surveying
  4. Photogrammetry
  5. LiDAR

Upcoming Batches of Drone Surveying Course

11-Sep-24 WeekDays
Kalyan, Mumbai
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22-Oct-24 WeekDays
Kalyan, Mumbai
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