Workshop on GIS for Agriculture

Value Addition Course Classroom Online

Duration: 16 hours

Course Overview

GIS have become a tool with widespread use in developmental applications. The power of a GIS can have a positive influence in community based planning and scientific decision making for developmental activities.

In this workshop, you will learn about basic GIS concepts including spatial data structures, data sources and transfer methods, projections and coordinate systems, geo-referencing, metadata, querying, analysis along with hand on exercise on GIS software.

What you will learn

Topic Covered:
  • What is GIS and how it works
  • What is Remote Sensing and how it works
  • Employing GIS in precision agriculture management
  • Application of Remote Sensing for agriculture
  • GIS techniques and technologies, CAD drawings, Map overlay
  • Data representation: topographical modelling, map overlay, vector and raster data
  • Spatial and non-spatial analysis, Performing NDVI for crop health analysis
  • Map composition, printing and exporting map

Who should attend

  • Basic knowledge of windows operating system
  • Knowledge of modern agriculture concepts
Who Should Attend
  • Students of B. Sc / B. Tech / M. Sc / M. Tech in Agriculture.

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